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In 1997, the world began to wake up to the realization that man made greenhouse gas was causing global climate change, and the Kyoto Protocol was born. This was a legally binding agreement under which industrialized countries would work to reduce their collective emissions of greenhouse gas. Canada was active in the negotiations and under the Cretian government, Canada signed the accord in 1997 and ratified it in parliament in 2002.

Website Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canada_and_the_Kyoto_Protocol

In 2004, the liberal government put the word out that it was necessary for all Canadian citizens to work together to achieve the goals of Kyoto and work to reduce greenhouse gas and that all citizens should start taking responsibility for their own actions.

Quote from Environment Canada, 2004:   “Each of us has an effect on the environment every day: the key is to make this impact a positive one. We must all take responsibility for our own actions, whether as individuals, or as members of a community or an organization. Let's work together and become good Environmental Citizens! If you don't, who will? “

As concerned citizens and business people, we understood the urgency and in 2004 set out to upgrade our education by focusing on sustainable technologies so we could take responsibility for our own actions. We began to explore the available technologies that had originally been invented to reduce emissions but had been put on the back burner or hidden from the public. We used this education to begin to develop and manufacture sustainable solutions. We also developed new business plan models to help others to take part in working to build a new sustainable economy that we could all enjoy.

As we became active in promoting our information and sustainable solutions to various government officials as well as the general public, in the hopes that some of these plans could be used to benefit a new sustainable economy here in Canada, the response we got was completely the opposite of what was expected.

In many cases we were just ignored, and in some cases we found we were actually put on a black list and our business was targeted to be shut down. We soon came to realize that the government of Canada had no intention of following through on it's promises to meet Kyoto. While we and many others were hard at work educating ourselves and working to try and implement sustainable change the government along with its private partnerships, continued to push the fossil fuel economy as if there were no other option.

In 2002, Stephen Harper, who was then leader of the Canadian Alliance party showed his true dedication to the fossil fuel industry in a letter to his party members, even so far as stating he needed an “army of Canadians” to go to war against the Kyoto protocol and protect the oil and gas industry. The first major issue on his agenda was to kill the Kyoto protocol. This was his agenda then and was his agenda when he took office of the Prime Minister in 2006. In 2011 we all saw Canada announce it's withdrawal from Kyoto and the Justice department allowed it.

Most of our current government is run primarily through government private partnerships, everything from government services to taxes are all managed by these companies. The majority of them are heavily invested in fossil fuels and now it seems like more than ever there is little hope of Canada ever incorporating a sustainable economy.

We, ourselves, have been made very aware that these companies do not want to see any change from the current fossil fuel economy, even though every day we see reports showing the declining value of the “oil driven dollar”. OPEC themselves announced years ago that there is no point in putting more money into oil and that the best economies will be the sustainable economies. http://www.opec.org/opec_web/en/press_room/844.htm  or http://www.brilynestates.com/information/naabook/Doc_24_opec.pdf

As it is right now anyone promoting the idea that consumers can become educated and be less dependent on fossil fuel is targeted. We have been the subject of targeting and discrimination and nearly forced into financial ruin, just because we hold on to our beliefs that it is possible to build a strong sustainable economy in Canada.

We believe our priorities are in the right place and we should not be bullied just because we choose to:

  1. operate a business that provides honest, decent and fair priced products, and we work with manufacturers to understand the product, receive the proper training and certification from them so that we can service what we sell and focus on real customer service not just profit margins;
  2. design, build and promote sustainable solutions, products and business plans that can help others work towards sustainability knowing that consumers becoming educated and less dependent is the only thing that will break the corporate strangleholds..We have the right to continue to promote, discuss and change our lives to sustainable ones and anyone attempting to bully us into using toxic and health damaging products are committing crimes that are prohibited by the human rights laws.

We have never looked to shut down jobs to become sustainable, in fact our goal is to help transition businesses to become more sustainable, and money saved can create more jobs, less toxic jobs, jobs that will be around for many future generations. All of this can be had simply by using the sustainable technologies that are available, that are being used right now in other countries helping them achieve substantial economic growth.

To date, we are two people who have designed many building & technical plans as well as unique business plans that use sustainable technologies. We are retail providers, certified installers and technical service professionals for a variety of sustainable products. We provide an ecocatalog of products and services both online at our website http://www.brilynestates.com and in print for those not able to access the internet.

We are working on providing quarterly newsletters as a method of getting important information out to people, especially those who cannot access the internet, and to promote new projects that we are working on in the hopes that others will take interest, and want to take part in building a new era of humanity. Imagine a new era! One where people work together for the benefit of each other so that we can all enjoy a peaceful life, rather than the old business as usual, dog eat dog world where only a few enjoy while the rest pay for it. What we have now is not life, it is slavedom for most and it is time we set our sites on positive changes.

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