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1. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
2. Majority of provinces fail on provision of environmental rights FOE
3. A healthy environment should be a basic human right
4. Environmentalists are protected by UC Discrimination Law-Appeal Tribunal decides
5. Eco employee reaches settlement
6. Canada and the Kyoto Protocol (Wiki)
7. United Nations Canada Withdrawal
8. Letter from Harper to Alliance Members
9. Canadian Alliance (thecanadianencyclopedia.ca)
10. ipcc-temp.jpg
11. Climate change report: The good and bad news for Canada by Quirks
12. Harper government under fire for spying on environmental groups: vancouverobserver
13. Scary time for canada alexis stoymenoff
14. Desmog Canada Environment Canada considers geo-engineering as climate change fix in secret meeting, documents reveal
15. Desmog Canada Michael Mann: Canadian should fight harper's war on science and the U.S. should help
16. Efficiency Nova Scotia Board of Directors: page 1, page 2
17. Editorial: Efficiency billing not free, but better /Chronicle Herald
18. UN Body Urges Caution on Synthetic Bacteria, geoengineering
19. Coffee rust reaches new heights in Central America by moises castillo and marcos aleman associated press ..See Also Page 2
20. naturalnews.com 4G/LTE mobile network poses greater chronic health risks than previous incarnations by Zach C.Miller
21. Navy's First 4g network will head out to sea in march by spencer ackerman 2.6.13
22. A relentless fossile fuel industry is radicalizing politics in canada (rabble.ca)
23. Liberal Environmental Citizenship Derek R.Bell
24. Dependence is a two way street Opec bulletin commentary april 2007
25. Defence matters in canada final report, paul h chapin and col. (ret) Brian S macdonald, september 2013
26. The globe and mail Ottawa rethinking policy of giving veterans security-guards jobs
27. the globe and mail Stephen cretier: the new wonder boy
28. Capitalism, wiki
29. In conversation: Stephan Cretier of Garda on becoming the walmart of security, and what exactly garda is doing in the middle east Martin Patriquin, march 21, 2012
30. finance yahoo Garda world signs a 12 year $1.4bn Cash vault outsourcing partnership with one of the leading financial institutions in the us
31. dvids, News Military tests 4G LTE technology during bold quest 13.2
32. Harper government targeted artist for her green conscience, internal documents reveal beth hong jun 12, 2012
33. ottawa's mining your social media data do you care by steve merti
34. canadian tire and scotiabank team up to attract new immigrant customers by linda nguyen yahoo finance
35. nova scotias future looks grim as its economy stagnates,for optimistic residents it remains the “time of our lives”
36. Former police chief frustrated over stellartons lack of progress
37. the problem with public private partnerships economic crisis exposes the high costs and risks of P3s by toby sanger
38. nova scotia reconsiders private-public partnerships cbc news posted feb 19, 2008
39. tony seed's weblog feb 1, 2009, public private partnerships to be imposed on nova scotians
40. the true cost of p3s
41. in pursuit of happiness, canada is a corporation under UK queen, december 2, 2006
42. Pricing supplement Number :5 dated jun 3, 2014 (424B2 1 d739685d424b2.htm.424B2 Prospectus of canada on stock market
43. BMO Executive bios, senior executives Kevin Lynch
44. CNOOC LTD, About Us

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