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Greenhouse/Powershed Project

The first links are introductions to Aquaponics and other people who are making a great living using this type of system. Fish & Veggies, Fruit growing together in one healthy environment.



Self Sustainable Aquaponics Greenhouse
Our proprietary Design Plans to build a self sustainable aquaponics greenhouse combines the aquaponics/greenhouse together with our backup solar power shed. We can build a system that is completely self sustainable providing its own power, lights, heat, hot water, air filtration as well as fish, fruits, vegetables, and herbs all year round. Enough food for ourselves, sell some to other family members at affordable prices, as we grow more food the excess can be sold to local stores, markets, etc. The power shed is capable of being used for backup power to the home as well if and when needed, contact us for investor info.

See also build your own solar panels at We have the solar cells and components that we can use to build our own panels too.

Transportation & Engine Technologies

Water Fuel Car HHO How To Build Your Own

This video describes a fuel cell that Brian has built on his own, but has not had the time to do his own video but not surprisingly it comes from one of groups he has been studying (one of his mentors) Zero Fossil Fuels, see

Electric Vehicles
Kudos to this team for doing something! It is a nice truck, but still has the challenge that it has to plug into the grid (even through bull frog power) it is still a design that will cause more electrical feedback from the grid system. If it had a power station behind it like the one you see in the video Pat Barber shows us a 120mpg 4x4 (see youtube video at that challenge could be eliminated.

Also Chck out Fast an Loud on youtube...(old school) .. vs  white zombie electric car (new school )

The GEET Fuel Processor (GFP) is an on-board compact plasma fuel refinery that renders just about any liquid into usable and highly volatile fuel by cultivating electro-magnetic and other energy fields. And, YES! It is healthy for you and your engine too!. The GFP-retrofit engine requires only a fraction of the fuel, as the non-GFP engine, to pull the same load for the same duration of time. The exhaust from GFP-retrofit engines is completely pollution free and adds oxygen to the environment.

Brian has built one of these already and has also designed some modifications to improve operations. Currently you can buy an adapter to turn a generator into a Geet Generator for about $100.00


Electric Scooter Style Bikes

We are authorized dealers and certified service techs here in Nova Scotia for four major ebike manufacturers. We can and do sell and service them, tho not as much as in the past, partly because with every one we had they all have some kind of drawback, ie. too big, too small, uncomfortable arm reach to handlebars, etc.  So we sat down at the table and designed a prototype for a bike that accommodates all these different challenges, and designed a trailer that can go with you to provide solar power on the go. this is the bike that we would like to begin manufacturing sometime in the near future.

Electric Motors, Batteries

Motors for basic car conversions...

Check out Warp motors..for more horsepower  This is the manufacturer of the motors we need for aftermarket builds

LiFePO4 Battery vs Lithium Ion
I deal with LiFePO4 batteries because when i first looked at them the lithium ion seem to be the toxic batteries that also tend to catch fire..

Thundersky is another battery mftr.

Now these batteries we can build ourselves
Zinc Bromide Flow Batteries
good for solar power systems , zinc and bromide are common substances.

INFO:  We have a whole lithium mine in quebec that nobody seems to know about, now find its being shut down. The one in the states got funding but here they  dont want us to have it so .. shut it down.

News Concerning Health & Wellness

  • The Large Hadron Collider:  THEY TURNED IT ON AGAIN!.. Wonder why you feel sick, why everyone around you is sick with cancer, an heart disease, strange illnesses you never heard of.. waking up with aches an pains for no reason, strange skin sores appearing that won't go away.. are you aware that they have turned the hadron collider back on again.. this is technology that was outlawed back in the day of Tesla and Nazi regimes.. Read this.. ..and they go on to say..."But the most important step is still to come when we increase the energy of the beams to new record levels.” .. are you saying WTF.. i bet you are.. bunch of sick morons funded by a few global elite who think they can play with the very fabric that holds our planet together. 

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